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Velvet tree


Scientific Name: Miconia calvescens

This invasive plant produces massive 3 foot long leaves that creates a dense canopy that smothers all other life.  This plants also has a shallow root system that increased erosion compared to native plants.  A single Velvet tree can produce over 3 million seeds that remain viable for up to 5 years.  This plant is such a threat that if allowed to run wild could take over 1/4 of the total land in Oahu.( Image by Forest and Starr)


Strawberry Guava

* Invasive

Scientific Name:Psidium cattleianum

This invasive plant is very common in the forests and along hiking trails. Strawberry Guava plants have no natural enemies and forms a thick cover that smothers native species. This smothering destroys the habitat and means of food  for  many other native animals. A Study by UH shows that areas invaded with strawberry guava wastes 27% more water than Native forests.  A insect that attacks this plant has recently  been released as a biocontrol that will hopefully limit the spread of this plant. ( Image by Forest and Starr)