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Velvet tree


Scientific Name: Miconia calvescens

This invasive plant produces massive 3 foot long leaves that creates a dense canopy that smothers all other life.  This plants also has a shallow root system that increased erosion compared to native plants.  A single Velvet tree can produce over 3 million seeds that remain viable for up to 5 years.  This plant is such a threat that if allowed to run wild could take over 1/4 of the total land in Oahu.( Image by Forest and Starr)



Fostering awareness of the role that Native Hawaiian Plants play in Hawaii’s, Watershed, Biodiversity, and Culture.


Current initiatives are aimed at generating respect awareness and care for native plants both in the natural outdoor and urban communities. A central initiative of achieving our vision in this project is reviving DLNR’s Native plant Garden with the generous support of the local community. We hope that by rehabilitating this garden both the volunteers and visitors will gain appreciation for these valuable plants.